A Luxurious Experience

 Skin Therapy Beauty Studio is a cozy little studio located in Torrance CA inside Phenix Salon Suite. Skin Therapy Beauty Studio focuses on relaxation while still being result-driven, Skin Therapy Beauty Studio was established in the Spring of 2019! After careful consideration and years of hands-on experience gained through employment by not only Medical Facilities but Salons and Spa's; Esthetician Wendy Will, decided she needed to take another step up gearing towards a growing clientele base in the community. Opening her own doors meant an opportunity to become more familiar and in direct contact with her clients, learning them on a case by case basis, which then eventually leads to better results and more satisfied customers. Her sole mission is to "Defy Age and Promote Healthy Skin-Care Solutions for All!"-Wendy Will


Wendy Will, Proprietor, and Licensed Esthetician/Massage Therapist have been in the industry practicing for 10+ years! Passionate at a tender age, she went on to acquire her licenses and certificates in the said field; thus making her very knowledgable with every skin structure, tissues, bones and pours on the human body and how they operate. She enjoys reading and as climate change and technology continue to be a revolving factor, Wendy stays abreast by attending informational sessions on a quarterly basis, whereby she has the answers and tips to most if not all inquiries posed by her clients. Besides... Knowledge is Power!